5 Best ways to make a friendly relationship with your mother-in-law

This Saas-Bahu drama is as old as time! Things are changing and being an educated woman it is the duty of every bride to end this ultimate drama before it ruins your beloved relations. A mother-in-law is always portraited as a villain which is wrong. She is your husband’s mother like a mother you have in your life. If you will treat her in a friendly manner then there is not a chance that she will fight with you or other disputes happen.

Our team found out best ways through which you can make a bond with your mother-in-law because whether you like it or not you will have to live with your husband’s mother.

Ashwariya and Jaya

1. The first and foremost way to have a friendly relationship with her is to talk to her. Take out some time and show her how important she is in your life. Tell her about your work, career goals, and friends.

2. Listening helps to improve your relationship whether it is your marital relationship or it is about your mother in law always listen what she is saying. If she gives you advice then do act upon on it because she has more experience than you.

3. Everyone has hobbies and few interests. Take interest in her hobbies, it is possible that you may share the same hobby or if you do not have one you may end up liking her hobby. It is necessary that you know her likes and dislikes. Consider her as your friend!

mother in law

4. Do cooking together! It is the perfect way to share recipe secrets. These recipes are priceless so make sure you write them down. How cool would it be that you will make your husbands favorite cuisine according to her recipe?

5. Respect is the key factor in every relationship. If you give respect to someone you will most likely to get this in return. Do not forget she is elder than you and the boss of the house.

Treat her like your own mother is the only way to end this “Saas-Bahu” ultimate battle. We hope you will follow these ways to build a strong bond with your mother-in-law. For queries related to wedding planning, you can comment below.