5 things that need to be done by bffs when their besties are getting married

There are so many relationships in life that we made but the one friend that becomes our best friend forever is that kind of person that we do not want to lose. There is nothing more best than the feeling that your best friend is getting married and being a BFF you have so many things to do to make sure your bride-to-be friend have a dream wedding.

Here are 5 things that BFFs need to do when their besties get engaged.

Pre-wedding tasks

You are called best friend forever because you know her better than anyone! it is your job to accompany her to the wedding shopping. Take part in wedding planning also make appointments on behalf of her to the beauty salon or to mehndi artist

Plan bridal Shower

Being a best friend it is your must to do this task, plan a bridal shower for the bride to be. Surprise her and make this bridal shower memorable for her.

Help her during mehndi 

It is on you to help her while she is busy in getting her mehndi designs done on her hands. Be there for her if she needs anything like water or feed her if she feels hunger.

Take lots of photos

It is the time of your and your bestie’s life which you both will cherish your whole life. Do not forget to take lots of photos because these moments will not come back and photos are the only way to preserve these memories.

Be there for her during the wedding ceremony

From childhood till eternity you will always be the only bff of the bride. It is necessary for you to be with her during the wedding ceremony, help her in dupatta setting, stand next to her as she will be experiencing mix emotions. Let her know that even she is getting married, your friendship will never be going to change!

These are the things that need to be done by bffs when their besties are getting married.