7 things that you will hear from “Desi aunties” at weddings

Pakistani weddings are full of drama and melodrama. This drama is mostly pulled off by our very own not so close ‘desi aunties’ whom you do not know but they know your birth date as well. The Pakistani version of an “Aunty” is someone who loves to be a center of attraction at weddings and poking their noses in all matters. They will pass judgmental comments about bridal dress designs of the bride, her bridal jewellery etc.

You will always find these aunties only at those spots where their existence is not needed. You cannot ignore them because then they will not spare you till your last breath. Here are 7 things that you will always hear from Desi Aunties when they forcefully hold your hand to meet you.

1.When you are talking to a “Desi Woman” and you are married then your marital life is not a private affair. You will hear a number of advices “Apna Mian Kabo main Rakho, yeh na ho dusri shaadi krle” Even if your husband is super loyal to you these aunties make sure you believe that your husband will get married again and you run to save your masoom husband

2. You are a single and independent woman and you are standing beside a desi aunty then you can try hard to ignore the topic of your marriage but these aunties will only rest in peace after giving their expert opinion especially “Job kr k kia faida? shaadi krghr hi tw sambhalna hai” *a moment of silence please*


3. You often hear them saying “Shadi ki umer ho gai hai Shaadi karlo, Zamana bht kharab hai” These aunties do not know matchmaking but they forcefully try to make a match of yours with their desi boys who are worst than Trump!

4.  You might have seen desi aunties dancing at many weddings but when they’ll see you dancing you will hear “Dance krna behayai hai

5. Whether they have never worn any branded dress but at weddings, they will give you a list of brands they have always imagined to wear and will criticise others’ dressing sense.

6. “Gol rotti bana laiti ho?” A universal question asked by every aunty of Pakistan!

7. At a wedding, you are sitting with your beloved saas chatting and laughing suddenly, one of the desi aunties will crash your conversation and she will murmur in your ear “saas kch kehay tw aagay se tum b suna dia karo” this sentence works as a trigger!


“Desi aunties” are more dangerous than a nuclear bomb and we are sure you can relate to their “muft k mashwaray”. We cannot say anything to them as we can only pray that these aunties leave us alone.