A must to have “Ask a Question” session with your parents before wedding

You know no one can guide you well on any matter other than your parents. They are the most trustworthy beings on this earth for you. Before you bid adieu you need to do a real life “Ask a Question” session with your parents other than the one you do on Instagram lol Sit with your parents and ask them the following questions:

  1. You need to take part in wedding planning. Ask your parents about the total budget they have so that if you can contribute, you can let them know. Moreover, surely you do not want your parents to be under the debt. So before you make any demand, ask them about the finances.
  2. Every family follows some traditions. Ask your parents about the traditions because if you want a wedding with fewer traditions, hullabaloo and fuss ask them first.
  3. Marriage is not about showing off your wealth, makeup etc. It is about so many things (Compromise, trust, love etc) so there is no one other than your parents who can tell you the true meaning of marriage. Ask them out about your concerns related to marriage.
  4. While you ask them about your concerns related to marriage. You also need to ask about their concerns related to your marriage. Ask them if something causing them stress or they need help? It is your job to keep your parents out of stress at your wedding because they are already on an emotional rollercoaster.
  5. In short, ask them whatever you want to ask, share your thoughts. Do not hesitate.

This Ask a question session with your parents is very important to you so make sure you question them and do not take for granted their advice because they are much more experienced than you are. If you have any query, let us know in the comment section.

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