All that we do not know about micro needling for spa facials

To keep our face clean and smooth we use a number of methods as we exfoliate, use cleansers, masks etc. Apart from these methods, there is another new emerging technology that gives the best spa facials called Micro Needling.

This process is not new but it is now getting popularity among the women. The concept of micro-needling came into existence in 1995. In this process, a derma roller consists of small needles used to roll out all over the face. This process is a little painful as a notion is used to make it bearable.

Why is it used?

This process is used to fix the skin from:

  • sun damage
  • aging
  • stretch marks
  • wrinkles
  • acne scars
  • pores size
  • Skin textures etc

This whole spa facial costs up to $300 which is approximately 37000/- in PKR. It is quite expensive but if you can afford it you should opt for this treatment as the results may lead to permanent healing of the skin.

When you are done with this facial you need to keep your skin hydrated with moisturizers and avoid sweating on your face. So, if you do a workout you need to skip it for 3 days or until your skin gets healed.

Things to keep in mind

  • You need to make sure your skin is free from pimples to avoid infection
  • Also, if you have a sensitive skin and cannot bear any of this process then you do not need to go for this facial.
  • Moreover, use mild skin care products on your face.

This is all that we are sure you did not know about micro-needling. We hope now your concerns are gone and we have answered all your questions. For more tips on skin care and spa facials, visit our website shadibox.

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