All that you need to know about air brush for your bridal makeup

For the perfect bridal makeup, airbrush to the rescue! It is the new technique to do makeup an many of us still do not know what it is? So here we are telling you about this new arrival and how you can utilize it to have a perfect look!

What is Airbrush?

Airbrush is a kind of airgun that is filled with liquid makeup products and then use to spray makeup all over the face and it gets dried off quickly. The makeup gets blend with the skin very quickly and in an effective way. It also cover-ups the pores better than other traditional makeup blenders.

Why should you use an airbrush? 

There are a number of advantages that this airbrush holds:

  • It has a long-lasting effect as it is much more water resistant.
  • With airbrush, you will be able to get a minimal and natural bridal makeup look which is usually unachievable with normal brushes and sponges.
  • Airbrush also comes in handy in hiding your scars, pimples and other pigmentations as it covers the face with perfect thin layers.
  • They are the perfect skin color blenders as you can get a desired natural look with an even skin tone.


The cost of airbrush makeup is around Rs. 50k-60k in average.

Final verdict

Airbrush is like a miracle that gives you perfect bridal makeup look. It is your big day so you need to have a best bridal makeup. Before going for this makeup technique we will recommend you to have an airbrush bridal makeup trial.

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