All types of wedding dress fabrics, you need to know about!

There are no strict rules about when it is the wedding, especially for brides. The wedding is that time in the life of a bride when everything goes accordingly to as per her desires. We are just here to guide her along the way and solve her problems. A wedding dress is the one main crux of the entire bridal look. So, brides, the design is all your choice but before you chose something you should know the types of fabrics that you can use to make your wedding dress.


Chiffon is the one fabric that has been in used by the brides for decades now. This one particular stuff gives a very subtle look to the wedding dress and it has a great fall. but due to the fragility, this fabric becomes snag and fray easily.


This fabric is again light and transparent. You can shape it easier and better than the chiffon. This fabric is good for embellishments and makes a good bridal lehenga.


If you want to wear a beautiful wedding gown then silk is the one fabric for you that is clean and has a very beautiful texture. This fabric is also symbolic of royalty. so yes, you can also go for this stuff.


This fabric is best to be worn for winter weddings as it is heavy and thick. If you want to make a wedding dress with a good and heavy flare. This fabric is perfect but for summers choosing this fabric is a bad idea.

Wedding dresses are usually made by the combination of different fabrics but before you combine different clothing stuff together you need to know about the above fabrics. We hope now you can easily decide your wedding dress fabric.

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