All you need is a denim to make your perfect bridal lehenga

Bridal collections every year more or less are the same and the stuff used to make these lehengas are also the same, for example, Tissue, Silk, and net but thanks to a young Pakistani student he has brought the bridal lehengas to next level as he has used denim to make bridal lehenga.


Murtaza Baloch a 3rd-year student of fashion designing came up with this idea as the popularity of denim is booming and we could not stop drooling over these amazing Pakistani bridal lehengas.

Do not get surprised these dresses are actually made out of that stiff stuff called Denim! According to Murtaza, his inspiration behind making these bridal lehengas is that denim is a viral stuff and its popularity gave him the idea doing something unique with this stuff.

Those women who love to wear denim and have their wardrobe filled with these then they will surely like to wear these bridal lehengas at their wedding. These bridal lehengas are Unique, and they are actually outstanding in this bridal clothing business. Designers are freaking out at this remarkable idea it is undoubtedly a huge turning point for bridal dresses in Pakistan.

He is selling these lehengas so do not wait and wear something out of the ordinary by buying one of these bridal lehengas. In summers, it may be difficult for you to wear this stuff but this is warm enough to wear in winter weddings. Seems like after velvet bridal dresses you can now wear denim as well. Young Pakistanis are very talented and Murtaza Baloch is one of the examples.

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