All you need to know about eyelash extensions as they are trending now

Women who have naturally long eyelashes are the blessed ones as these lashes are the highlight of the face. But what to do if you do not have long eyelashes? The only solution we all are trying is artificial eyelashes because these fake ones also look neat but sometimes it is very difficult to glue these fake lashes on your eyes. It is also a time-consuming process so to save you with this tiring job we came up with another solution called eyelash extensions.  Here is that you need to know about eyelash extensions as they are now trending massively.

A luxe process 

How about you take a nap and relax in a meantime, you are done with your eyelashes? That is how quick this process works. No pain, no long hour sittings like you do for rebonding or dying your hair.


Customized extensions

it is totally up to you that how much longer lashes you want for your eyes there are two types of shapes J and C, J shaped eyelashes look more natural while C shaped gives more dramatic look.

No frequent visits

You do not need to visit the beauty salon frequently as these eyelashes can last till a month if you will be careful with these and avoid using oily products near the lashes but most of the salons do recommend that you visit after two weeks for the touch-ups.


You cannot use mascara in the early days of the extensions otherwise they will get damaged but after few days you can put as much mascara as you want to but do not forget to remove it before going to bed.


The time period of eyelashes

As described earlier these eyelashes have the time period up to one month so do not try to remove them yourself or else you will damage your natural eyelashes. Let them fall out on their own time.

Gals! it is all safe for you to go for eyelash extensions! For more beauty tips visit ShadiBox