Top 5 Cosmetics Brands That are a Must Have!

With the beauty and cosmetics industry expanding rapidly, how to figure out which ones are really worth buying? ShadiBox has got you sorted, we researched the market, spoke with beauticians and compiled the best cosmetics brands for you to choose from.


In terms of skincare, Neutrogena provides some of the best options. Famous for their anti acne and skin clearing products, if you have sensitive skin, this is the brand for you! Although not a local brand, it is easily available in the market especially with the growing online cosmetics shopping in Pakistan, it’s more convenient to now order imported brands online as so many vendors now provide the option for payment on delivery as well.

best cosmetics brands in pakistan

Luscious Cosmetics

Luscious Cosmetics is a local makeup brand which has cemented itself in the cosmetics industry in Pakistan. The homegrown brand provides a variety of makeup items suited for Asian skin tones at reasonable prices so you don’t have to pay a fortune to look good! They have recently expanded their collection and are now definitely one of the best cosmetics brands in Pakistan. Luscious has also entered the international market competing against many other makeup brands.

Too Cosmetic brands in Pakistan


Maybelline is considered as one of the best makeup brands in the world and, with a vast variety of products to choose from, they have something for everyone. If you are looking to buy easy to use makeup products at a reasonable rate then Maybelline is the brand for you. Moreover, the brand is easily available in Pakistan at almost every other store and in case there’s a product you can’t find, Websites (including ShadiBox) make online makeup shopping in Pakistan so convenient for everyone!

branded cosmetics in Pakistan


One of the most economical makeup brands readily available in Pakistan is Essence, with a large range of products fit for Pakistan skin tones and types, the brand is easily considered one of the best makeup brands in Pakistan. Although not comparable to luxury brands, nonetheless Essence cosmetics are worth the price paid for it. The brand is easily available at stores and through online makeup shopping in Pakistan.

best makeup brands in pakistan

NYX Cosmetics

NYX is an international brand with some of the best makeup products offered in a vast variety. The brand is most famous for their liquid lipsticks which are some of the most reasonably priced in the entire market. Selling for $10 dollars or less, the products are quite the catch. However NYX cosmetics are not easily available in the local market in Pakistan, therefore, the only option left is to order it online. Luckily, online makeup shopping in Pakistan has become very common and many vendors carry international brands. The brand can be easily ordered without having to deal with Credit Card payment fuss as the option of  Payment on delivery is now available at most places!

pakistan best makeup brands

We hope our list of Cosmetics brands was helpful to you and make your daily life more convenient. We at ShadiBox aim to assist in any way we can for all your wedding needs!