Pre-eminent designer Bridal jewelry designs for your reception (valima)

There is always a specific dress code for every specific occasion, for example, if you are going to a wedding you cannot wear jeans or top likewise if you are going to attend a party you cannot roam around in lehnga or sari. For a bride jewelry matters a lot, to chose a right piece of jewel for your wedding events is as important as choosing three different dresses for mehndi, Barat, and Valima.

Reception (Valima) is more like a formal dinner arranged by the groom for both the families so for a bride it is necessary to wear something that looks formal yet simple side by side. Our team has picked best bridal jewelry sets that will compliment your Valima look. These bridal jewelry designs are the finest work of art of simplicity and elegance.

Gold necklace-ARY jewelers
Gold Earrings-ARY jewelers
Gold Necklace- ARY jewelers



Gold earrings- ARY jewelers

These gold jewelry designs by ARY Jewelers are one of the best bridal jewelry designs for valima because they are crafted beautifully with stones and rubies a perfect blend of traditional and new trendy designs.


Diamond set-Damas
Gold and Diamond set-Damas

Damas never fails to impress women when it is about their new diamond designs. For reception wearing a jewelry set by Damas that is purely made with diamonds is a perfect way to leave your guests astonished. These bridal jewelry sets will enhance your grace more at your reception. you can shop online by visiting their website and these sets will be at your doorsteps.

Gold Necklace-Hanif Jewellers
Gold Necklace-Hanif Jewellers

Hanif Jewellers are known for their beautifully crafted bridal jewelry sets that are best in symbolizing feminity and all other aspects.

Gold Necklace-Almas Jewellers
Diamond Necklace-Almas Jewellers

Almas is one of the top most brand in Pakistan that deals in Pakistani jewelry sets. Their designs are undoubtedly unique and eye catchy that is why these bridal sets are perfect for your walima look. Formal, simple and graceful fusion of all these three things can be seen in these designs.

We hope now you can easily pick a jewelry set for your reception, after all, you do not want to look over at your valima. These bridal jewelry sets are all that you need to wear to look more dignified and distinguished at your reception.

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