Unique Color Combinations for Bridal Dresses

A beautiful bridal dress is something that a bride remembers and holds on to for the rest of her life. All brides want it to be perfect, glamorous, and flawless in every way and why shouldn’t they? But hey Pakistani girls, it need not always be red! Even though red colored bridal dresses are considered to be the ultimate wedding essential for many people of Pakistan, we cannot ignore the variations that have come about. From pastels and vibrant colors to even grey, fashion designers have come up with excellent fusion and play of different colors that not only adds a fancy touch to the dresses but also gives them a new and refreshing look. The latest color palettes used in these bridal dresses are a good break from the stereotypical red bridal dress that we have been seeing all our lives.

So for all the Pakistani bride to be’s, do check out these exquisite color combinations

Sometimes all you need is a splash of colors!

Nomi Ansari, one of the most in-demand designers in Pakistan, always comes up with the most colour schemes  that is a real treat for the eyes! The beautiful colorful dresses are an amalgamation of both pastels and bright shades, which adds to the wow factor of these fancy pieces.Nomi Ansari’s bridal colour combination

Nomi Ansari’s latest color combination for Pakistani bridal dress

It’s all about the blues!

Bunto Kazmi, the queen of Pakistan’s fashion industry, is known for her traditional maroon, rust and red bridal joras. However, she has proven that this shade of blue is equally as attractive and gorgeous.

Bunto Kazmi fancy dress color combination for bride

Pretty in Pastels

Faraz Manan expertly uses shades of light yellow and tea pink to create this most beautiful bridal dress which will give the bride a fairy-like feeling.

Faraz Manan beautiful color combination for bridal dress

A beautiful fusion of pink and red!

Farah Talib Aziz has not only created a traditional masterpiece (shown below) but has also added a new touch to it by pairing it up with the colour pink to give it a fancy look. This colour combination is a classic piece of art.

Farah Talib Aziz latest bridal dress color scheme

A wonderful play of colors

Ahh, Elan Bridals. Elan has no doubt added a fancy dimension to bridal dresses in Pakistan. From the edgy color schemes to the princes’ pastel shades, they have it all and the dresses surely are a treat for every Pakistani Bride!

Elan official wedding dress color schemes for Pakistani Bride


Cream color never gets old and Misha Lakhani has moulded it into a beautiful bridal jora that is oozing elegance and style.

Misha Lakhan latest bridal dresses colour combination in Pakistan

Refreshing Grey

Usually grey is thought off as a dull colour and very few women opt for it for their bridal dress but Zara Shahjahan’s design (shown below) proves that shades of grey can make a most stunning and elegant bridal dress!

Zara Shahjahan’s beautiful color combination for bridal dress

Funky yet elegant

Kamiar Rokni, the popular Pakistani fashion designer, gives us pretty bridal joras ranging from bold, vibrant colours to soft pastels, reinforcing the idea that there is a wide range of beautiful colour schemes to choose from when deciding your perfect bridal dress in Pakistan.

Kamiar Rokni fancy bridal dresses colour combination