Are you getting married again? 2nd time? 3rd? 4th? Well, then we have amazing news for you! ShadiBox is now offering up to a 70% discount on your next wedding!  We are offering 20% discount on your 2nd marriage, 50% if its your third, and 70% off of your 4th wedding!  And you know what they say, it’s always better the second time around! And more so the third!  Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself 🙂 (Or take inspiration from Imran Khan)

ShadiBox's Imran Khan Wedding Package

In addition to the discounts, we are offering a super special Imran Khan Package for all you second timers, which you can check out here. All you have to do is find yourself that special someone, and if you’re having trouble with that, well, we do offer marriage bureau services as well so start planning!

Best Wedding Package of Pakistan

As simple as it seems, there’s always a few strings attached. And trust us, when we tell you, this time you definitely want to read the terms and conditions before you agree to anything!

In order to avail this discount all you have to do is print the consent form available on our website and get it signed from your wife and you’re on your way to a discounted wedding and complimentary services along with that.

Wait… what?

Don’t Wait, otherwise you will find yourself in long queue


There are some rules, You have to follow them! We know spouses can be cruel in this case but we just want to make sure because hurting someone’s feelings is not our objective

Yep, that’s part of our terms and conditions to avail this deal. And really, how hard can it be to get your wife on board with you? You never know, maybe she’ll surprise you. (Getting thrown out of the house can be pretty surprising especially if it’s accompanied by raining chappals.)

Don’t you know Im Lucky? Yeah I’ll snatch this crazy deal at any cost!

If you’re still not convinced, well, let us tell you, it’s more than just a discount. We offer lots of complimentary services and gifts as well. So you do the talking and the rest is on us! After all, what’s the worst that could happen right?

DISCLAIMER: Prior approval from the first, second or third wife is a necessary condition to avail this discount. The first wife must be alive. This discount is not applicable to divorced candidates. The management will not be responsible for any loss or damage to property or life. We are also not responsible for any feuds or issue arising from this. Divorce or separation costs will not be covered by the company. Failure to provide evidence of living wife will result in the contract being void.