Facebook Ne Bana Di Jodi: An American Woman Marries Pakistani In Haripur

Facebook is helping people connecting with their friends and family but apart from this Facebook is also helping in matchmaking. There are a number of incidents present over news where people get married to each other after chatting/meeting on Facebook. The same has been happening in Pakistan for the past few years.

American Woman

This time Facebook helped a man living in Haripur Pakistan to get married to an American Woman.  Adeel Awan met Mary Kathleen first time when he sent her a friend request. A friend request lead to the marriage quit interesting fact though. They befriend each other for a year. Anyways, Mary did not even travel all the way to Pakistan to marry Adeel but she has also embraced Islam.

American woman

Now the Islamic name of Mary’s Maryam, and reportedly whole the village attended this marriage ceremony to have a glance at this American bride. This news is not new because these type of marriages also happened previously plausible In January a Canadian national Agentha travelled to Pakistan and Married Qasir Abbas from Jalalpur Bhatiyan after they met on facebook likewise, A Chinese woman tied knot with a man in Layah in 2017.

We have heard this “Rab ne Bana di Jodi” lines many times but now I think we will be hearing “Facebook ne Bana di Jodi” more often. For all those who think that you cannot get married to someone whom you just met on Facebook well these examples are living in this society. There is always pros and cons of everything, marrying someone you met on social media is quite a risk-taking task as you can possibly fall into a lot of trouble. Stay safe because this “social media” is nothing less than a swamp.  for more interesting and exciting news keep visiting our website and do not forget to share your views in the comment section below.