For foodie couples, we have got halal food honeymoon destinations!

Normal couples see honeymoon as a romantic time of their lives when they get to spend a lot of time with their spouse but when you talk about foodie couples, they only see food and the guilty pleasure they get eating a lot of new cuisines. There is a real struggle when you decide to go to a honeymoon destination that is out of the “Muslim Zone” in a search for halal food. Worry not! we have made a list of place that you can visit and have a healthy Halal food without getting into trouble.

Seoul- Korea

Asian countries have their own attractions, Korea is also one of those countries that attract foodies but when a Muslim visits this part of the world he/she has to survive sometimes on rice because or unavailability of ‘Halal food’ but Seol in Korea has a lot of halal food to offer for Muslims. Best foods to eat are Bulgogi, Dakdoritang, Mul naengmyeon, Jjajangmyeon, and Bibimbap.


If Turkey is your honeymoon destination then you do not need to worry about Halal or Haram because it is a Muslim country! Congratulations you will not starve! The best food items that you need to try when you visit this place are Donar Kebap, Kabak Cicegi Dolmasi, Pide, Testi Kebab, Lahmacun or Manti. 


Athens has a Muslim majority so you will find a lot of food that is halal. So add this place to your honeymoon destination list. If you are in Greece do eat Chicken Souvlaki, Kosher meat, Moussakas, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Lachmantzun.


Honeymooning in Paris is so mainstream now. If you are a hardcore foodie couple then visit Seychelles in France and have the best honeymoon of your life. You can get the best of the best halal food. So when in Seychelles, France eat Prawns, Fish fillets, Caramelized banana paired with ice cream, Smoked fish salad, Tuna curry, Grilled tuna, Creole curries, Grilled Red Snapper, Passionfruit souffle, Stuffed Mussels, and Fish Carpaccio.

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