Green tea is an ultimate way to treat acne before your D-day

You have heard a number of times that green tea is essential for weight loss but most of you do not know the fact that green tea for skin is also beneficial. Before the wedding, it is the ultimate goal of every bride to get rid of excess fats, and all the skin related problems. You look for many beauty tips and get confused about what you should try? Specifically, in the case of acne, you are usually not sure of what home remedy will work faster. To take you out of this confusion our team has scouted out different ways to treat your acne before your special day with just one wonder element that is “Green Tea”

Honey and Green tea

Honey and green tea

 Green tea and honey both go along well to treat acne because they both fight acne, keep your skin moisturized and lighten your acne marks.


  • Wash your face with facial cleanser.
  • Add a tea bag into hot water and after a couple of time take out this green tea bag and cut it off extract the leaves from that bag.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with green tea leaves and apply this mixture on your face.
  • After 20 min. wash off this mask with cold water.

For better and faster results follow this procedure 3-4 times a week.

Green tea and apple cider vinegar

This another way treat acne with apple cider vinegar and green tea leaves. It helps to remove dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells from the skin.


  • First, wash your face with the facial cleanser
  • a half cup of apple cider vinegar
  • three-fourth cup of brewed green tea
  • Mix vinegar and brewed tea and filled this mixture into a bottle.
  • Keep this bottle in the fridge.
  • When you are done cleaning your face with cleanser take out a cotton pad and apply this liquid mixture to your face
  • Upon drying you can use moisturizer on your face.

Apply this liquid two times a day.

 Aloe Vera and green tea

Aloe vera and green tea

The benefit of using both these natural elements is that they help to remove acne scars, sooth your skin and decrease the level of inflammation.


  • add two tea bags into the hot boiling water and then let it cool.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel into the green tea water and store this mixture in a cool place most probably in the fridge.
  •  Cleanse your face with facial cleanser.
  • Take out cotton pads and apply this tea and aloe vera mixture on your face. Let it dry
  • Apply a moisturizer

Follow this procedure two times a day!

Lemon and Green tea  

lemon and green tea

When lemon and green tea are applied to the skin these two elements help to unclog the pores, fight acne and fade your acne marks.


  • Take 1/4 cup of brewed green tea water.
  • add 1 lemon juice
  • do not forget to wash your face with facial cleanser.
  • Take out the cotton pad, apply this mixture with the help of cotton and let it dry.
  • Apply moisturizer.

For better results apply this liquid mixture twice a day.

Green tea is the perfect way to cure acne of your skin. Follow these beauty tips and have an acne free skin.