How to choose a resort in Pakistan for your lavish wedding

Once you have decided that you are going to book a resort for your wedding then you need to look for the resorts that are best in all aspects. While you are finding the best resort in Pakistan for your wedding you need to keep in mind few things. These things are:

Accessibility of Resort

It is very important that you consider a resort for your wedding that is easily accessible for your guests for example if you are planning to book a resort in Murree and there are most of your guests who cannot come to Murree then it is a bad idea to have a wedding so far away!

Price Range

Your budget is the second thing that you need to consider as you cannot go over your budget. While booking a resort of your choice you should have a clear idea of how much you can afford.


The resort should be big enough to accommodate any number of your guests because there is no use of having a wedding at a small place where your guests feel uncomfortable or your event look like a fish market rather than a wedding.


Food is an essential part of the wedding so when you book a resort you need to enquire the food quality and the caterers that they have because there is no compromise on food when it comes to weddings.

Children in premises

There are few resorts that do not allow children so before you confirm your booking you need to know whether they will allow children in premises or not. After all, you cannot leave children behind.

these all are the things that you need to consider while booking the resort in Pakistan for your wedding. if you have any queries related to wedding planning then let us know!