how to choose wedding color combinations/themes for your big day

finding a perfect color palette for your wedding is difficult and you always need expert tips to nail your wedding with exceptional wedding color combinations. Shadibox as your ultimate wedding planning will like to give you expert advice on how you can choose a perfect wedding theme without fretting out!

Wedding venue

best wedding venue

Your wedding venue is the step forward in selecting wedding color combinations. You need to decide what should be your wedding venue whether it will be a banquet hall, lawn or a farmhouse. Plausible if you want to have an outdoor wedding then go for a theme that is bright, bold and down to earth. Likewise, for an indoor wedding, you can opt for dark shady colors.


Sometimes, we look for things outside the world we live in and we forget to look into our daily life. It is always important to start with your home or your lifestyle and you will easily get an idea which color combination you want for your wedding. It could be anything you can go for your favorite color or maybe the color of your car can give you inspiration for your wedding color combination.

No more traditional colors

if you want your special day to be a day that people will remember for a lifetime then you need to walk out from the status quo! Be a little creative it is your wedding try different color combinations like pastels or neutral colors instead of red, gold, etc.

Following trends is optional


We focus more on following the things that make you happy and comfortable rather than go behind the trends. What is in trends is an option, you can make your wedding unique your way. Think of your wedding venue, flowers, different colors and the time of your wedding and then brainstorm themes/ colors.

To make your guests happy and your wedding ceremony an event to remember, you need to showcase yourself the more you personalize your wedding the more your big day will be a special one.

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