How to get to know the difference between fake and real makeup products

There is a real confusion between which makeup product is real and which is not. We sometimes assume that if we have purchased a product from a highly rated super mart then it would be real but FYI these products are more often fake! There are certain differences that if you know and find out you can get to know if the makeup product is fake or real.

  1. A difference in color is the major hint. when you buy a copy of the makeup product you will notice that the color of the Lipstick or nail polish is different from the original product that is fake one has a very light color as compared to the real product. 
  2. Pricing is the real deal here. Why? because an original beauty product actually costs a lot while the fake one is very much cheaper. For example, if an original highlighter is of 4k rupees the fake highlighter will be available for hardly 1k.
  3. A fake makeup product always leaves a clue and that clue is pretty prominent if you pay attention to it. The font size of the fake product is always different or misspelled than the original one.
  4. Packing of the product also differs from the original makeup product. Sometimes, a fake product is much lighter than the real one or much heavier than the original makeup product.
  5. If you still fail to identify the differences, then apply a little of the product on your skin, you will see that the real one gets blended into your skin while the fake product is highlighting your pores.

These are the five signs through which you can get to know about the fakeness of the beauty products. Fake makeup products can save you money but they can affect your skin badly so avoid buying these types of makeup products.

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