Low fat diet; your ultimate way of losing weight before wedding

A low-fat diet is all that you need to lose your weight faster and in a better way. As the name suggests this diet is low in fats and cholesterol and includes whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. There are certain sweets and sugars that are low in fat but they are rich in calories so while you start a low-fat diet you need to take care of fats and the calories in order to lose desire weight.

So what to eat? is the question and here it is the answer!

1. In a low-fat diet, you need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables that includes: Lentils, beans etc as these provide satiety and fullness.

2. if you want to eat meat then you need to eat steamed, broiled, baked or without butter/oil grilled meat. Chicken and fish are the best options to eat as they are low in fat.

3. Take skimmed low-fat dairy products. if you are eating egg then you can only eat egg whites instead of yolk.

4. You need to avoid, nuts, butter, oils except for olive oil and fish oil, mayonnaise, margarine and pre-processed food.

Rules to follow: 

while you eat everything healthy, there are rules that you need to keep in mind:

  • You cannot eat leftover food instead, eat a freshly handmade meal.
  • You need to strictly monitor your portions or serving sizes so that you can achieve your goal!
  • Breakfast is the must! you cannot skip it. Try to eat a whole grain cereal with low-fat milk and yogurt this meal will help to stabilize your sugar level until the lunchtime.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day as water will facilitate digestion and also keep you full for longer.
  • If you are having hunger pangs then eat healthy snacks like popcorns, raw vegetables, or wholewheat crackers/biscuits.

Fats help to gain weight so when you start taking low-fat diet you rapidly start to lose weight. For more diet tips visit Shadibox.