New trends that are taking over weddings and everyone is loving it!

In 2018, we are seeing an immense amount of trends that are taking over weddings from live wedding paintings to cool wedding favors these trends are actually giving a makeover to the weddings and we all are loving it! With the passage of time, these trends are taking the weddings to another level. Here are some of the trends that we are very grateful!


To carry a bouquet while walking down the aisle was never in trends but now desi brides also love to carry the single stem bouquets like western brides and it looks awesome!

Wedding favors

Wedding favors are a thing now! People like to give extra favors to their guests which is a very generous gesture apart from these, people are now also including bars like makeup touchup bars,  or giving away sunglasses anything that can make up the day of their guests.

Wedding suit for the groom

There was a time when wedding suits for the grooms were only based on traditional values but now grooms are trying out different colors and accessories for their suits which looks super cool.


overhead veils are back and we are in love with this old tradition. the brides are wearing them at mehndi ceremony and also at nikkah.

Flowerless wedding

Flowers do look aesthetic as they add beauty to the wedding venue but apart from these people are diverting their attention towards balloons and paper hangings to give a unique look to their wedding.

All these trends are likely to change the perception of the wedding into a whole new dimension. People are moving from conventional weddings to simpler weddings. These trends are simple and unique in all manners. if you want your wedding to be unconventional then you need to follow these trends.

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