Pakistani Designer Created a Modern Style ‘Nikahnama’ For His Sister

In the ever-developing trends in matrimonial customs and traditions, people are always innovating things to stand out and here’s the newest entry in innovative wedding customs.

Umar Shahzad, a Canadian Pakistani, decided to make an extra effort for his sister’s wedding and created the first ever one of its kind, custom made designer Nikahnama. He decided to present this to his sister as a wedding gift, one she’ll definitely remember. This Nikahnama was very different from the typical one which is usually on plain white paper in either printed form or hand written. The custom made Nikahnama was a work of art and had a lot of time and effort put into according to Umar Shahzad.

The whole process was a difficult and time-consuming task. Shahzad had to consult religious scholars and other religious authorities in order to understand and collect all the information that is included in a Nikahnama, all the rights, “Haq-Mehar” and other such details. After collecting all the data and designing the format, Umar Shahzad came up with another creative idea. He wanted the names of his sister and her husband in Arabic inside of a circular Medallion. In order to achieve what he had in mind, Shahzad had to get in touch with a calligrapher who specialized in Arabic calligraphy. After having the entire design successfully designed, he printed it on a very high-quality paper so that it could be framed and saved on for years ahead.

The end result was indeed a work of art and was beautiful to look at. The theme followed was white, gold and blue. A beautiful blue design was used as the border, inspired by Mughal art. The designer posted the final piece online on social media as well and got a massive response with hundreds asking for a similar Nikahnama for their own and their loved one’s weddings as well. The intricate details incorporated into the Nikahnama as well as the fine graphics skills depicted were the reason for its instant popularity. The huge response to his post definitely hints towards this becoming a new trend for weddings in Pakistan. Umar Shahzad definitely created a stunning piece of work and has got us wondering whether this trend would be followed or not?

Give us your feedback and tell us what’s your take on this custom made Nikahnama.