Post wedding summer survival kit that all brides must have

Now that you have got married in summers, you need to keep yourself at a pace you need your very own summer survival kit! Summers are undoubtedly fun as you come out of your nutshell and enjoy pool parties, late-night BBQs, especially late night post-wedding dinners/parties but with all this fun you also have to bear heat and humidity. Now, what to keep in this summer survival kit? here are the things:

Water bottle

First thing first, water bottle! yes even though you are going to attend a party you need to keep a water bottle with you because staying hydrated is a must in summers.


In summers, you cannot put on a lot of makeup on your skin because of the humidity and sweat that you have to bear on your skin. BB cream is all that you need to survive summers. Garnier’s BB cream is the best that stays for a longer time on your skin.

Blotting sheet

It is usual that you can have an oily skin in summers so you need to have blotting sheets with you. It will wipe out the access oil and will prevent your makeup from smudging. Clean & Clear’s oil absorbing sheets and NYXare best to buy.


To prevent your skin from UV rays and tanning, keep Sunscreen with you. Ask your dermatologist to recommend you sunscreen according to your skin type.

Mosquito repellent

For late night outdoor dinner parties keep a mosquito repellent with you to avoid mosquito bites. After all, you will not want to feel itchy throughout the party.

Keep all of the above-mentioned things in your summer survival keep because it is an essential one to carry with you all summers. Avoid more exposure to the sun and stay hydrated! For more tips visit our website Shadibox.