pre-wedding photo shoot ideas for the couples who love food

The pre-wedding photo shoot should be called as a practice wedding photo shoot because the one advantage that couples get especially in an arranged marriage is that they can get to know each other and develop a friendly relationship. So if you are getting married and thinking of a pre-wedding photo shoot and both of you are a foodie as well then you need to incorporate these poses for this amazing photo shoot.

For the love of Pizza

Something’s Fishy

*Thinking about food all the time*

When you cannot decide what you should eat

Husband’s Cooking

For the love of baking

If “Anday Ka Funda” had a description

All these fun poses are best for the pre-wedding photo shoot. So all the couples who love food you need to have this mandatory pre-wedding photo shoot. For more wedding inspirations visit our website Shadibox 

Image courtesy: Pinterest