Refrain from eating these Food items before your wedding day

Pre-wedding precautions related to food are so much important as you are going through a phase of life where you focus more on losing weight instead of gaining more kilograms. You should make a list of “Dos and Don’ts” in which you can write about what should you avoid and what you should not. Stress is a real cause of trouble and forces you to do insane activities. Plausible, in stress girls usually eat a lot of sugary products like chocolates and some prefer to eat junk food which will ruin your dieting days before your D-day.


There are certain foods that you should avoid eating before your wedding as they are toxic to your dieting.

French fries/Potato Chips

We know you like to eat these fried carbs but to have a “zero-size” you need to cut down this food from your life at least until your wedding day. Potato chips may look like to you a very light snack but they are loaded with calories.

Sugary products

You have eaten whole a lot of sugary products before but it is your wedding coming in a few months and you need to cut your sugar intake. High sugar intake not only damage your teeth nut it can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight gain.

Junk Food

To achieve big things in life you have to give up the things you love! Like junk food, To lose weight you need to avoid fried chicken, pizzas, burgers and nuggets etc. We are not against your happiness but this is bitter truth and you have to accept it either way.

Avoid dairy items with cream

Dairy items are the source of calcium but during your dieting days, you need to avoid items that have cream in it.



Beans are the source of protein and iron but before your big day, they can cause you a lot more trouble. for example, after eating beans you can have stomach issues as it’s the last thing that you will want at your wedding.

The purpose of sharing these tips and guidelines is to keep you updated on all the good things and let you know how you can take care of yourself before your wedding day. Do not be a bloated bride and avoid these food items.

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