Six Best beauty hacks to get you through your summer wedding

Are you having your wedding in summers? Why? In summers, you cannot wear your bridal dress with ease; you cannot wear a lot of makeup as you need to be careful because there are chances that your overall makeup look can easily be ruined by sweat! Now that you are going to be married in this scorching heat we do not want you to face any trouble as we have picked six best beauty hacks that will help you to get through your summer wedding smoothly.


During summers, it is very difficult to maintain your hairstyle because of sweat your hairstyle can easily turn from a neatly tied updo to a messy updo. To make sure your hair stays longer use a hairspray on your bobby pins before putting them into your hair. In this way, the hairpins will stay for long in your hair and your updo will stay in place.

Stay Hydrated 

Now you all will be thinking how can water be a beauty hack? Ladies water is like a magical liquid that will make sure your skin and hair look fresh at the wedding. What you need to do is, start drinking water few weeks before your wedding regularise your consumption of water. Trust us, if you will follow this tip you will not look like a zombie at your summer wedding.

Hand cream

Whether you knew it before or not hand cream actually helps to smooth flyaways! for those who do not know what flyaway hair is? These are the very small loose strands of hair that usually caused by humid/hot climate. In summers, you may face it so always take a hand cream with you.


Hand massaging feet

To have a smooth skin on your wedding day you need to moisturize your hands, feet etc a night before your wedding. For soft feet, after moisturizing them wear socks. In the morning you will have the softest feet.

Wash your hair a day before

It is summer, and people usually take shower two times a day and this statement may sound weird to you but if you want a perfect bridal hairstyle for your wedding then you need to wash your hair a day before the wedding.

Concealer before lipstick

You cannot afford your lipstick to get lighter before your wedding day ends and for this, you need to apply concealer on your lips before you apply lipstick.

Follow these beauty hacks and beat the heat on your summer wedding! For more beauty tips visit ShadiBox