5 Most Stunning Locations For Wedding Photoshoots In Lahore

This edition does not mimic the celeb weddings instead we are narrating fascinating in-depth stories of real-life Pakistani Weddings casting ordinary Dulha-Dulhans. “With experience comes wisdom”, this truly fits in as ShadiBox begins for you to dredge up best locations for your upcoming wedding photoshoot in Lahore to be absolutely glorious. You would come across a couple who is too shy to be photographed especially when a photographer asks them to pose some intimate scenes; it becomes a little too awkward for them and they go the other way when asked to see in the camera.

A wedding day is not a scene from a movie that is monitored by trained technicians, spot boys and a director who is constantly on hands to alter dramatic aspects of the screenplay. It’s completely different from the expected. Here are some outstanding locations in Lahore to spice up the wedding photoshoot.


In the age of Instagram, it’s just photographs that we exchange from our Instagram and Facebook accounts. So there is nothing wrong with this outdoor location for wedding couple photoshoots.

Places For Wedding Couple Photoshoot In Lahore

I can bet a million dollars that there wouldn’t be any wedding photographer in Lahore who does not love this location for outdoor photoshoots. Many of us can easily find locations with a lot of green decor or these outdoor photoshoots can be followed by moving from place to place like nomads in search of the best shot. This picture is taken from Lahore Jinnah Gardens by Umbreem Ibrahim.


Lahore Fort is also known by the name of Shahi Qila which is located in the north-western side of Lahore. It dates back to the era of Emperor Akbar. The art and architecture of the location make everyone tempt about the glorious pictures. The Fort has an appealing atmosphere; wedding couple photoshoots can be carried out in front of the royal households Pearl Mosque or Diwan-i-Aam (hall of public audiences).

The Best Place For Wedding Photoshoot In Lahore

Unique idea for Outdoor Photoshoot in Lahore
This is another idea from outdoor photoshoots. You can look for yourself a place nearest a large flock of birds as they take their flight. The twist and turn of these birds will be captured in the camera with the moment’s notice.


How can we forget the most favourite location of all top-notch wedding photographers of Lahore that is none other than the most glorious Badshahi Mosque.  You can’t ignore anyone in the photoshoot; since everyone wants to share the stage with you and fit in the frame- then you can’t complain about chacha ki beti and chachi’s cousin’s eldest daughter. The best option to escape the fuss is the photoshoot totalling all these close and far-living relatives in one album! Coming to Badshahi Mosque, It is one of the city’s best-known breakthroughs, and undoubtedly amongst the best locations for wedding photoshoot in Lahore and a chief tourist fascination exemplifying the magnificence and splendour of the Mughal era.

Badshahi Mosque, The Best Place For Couple Photography In Lahore

The best one! Everyone falling onto one another is the best times you can enjoy for the last time before leaving your close ones and shifting into an entirely new family.  Everyone from smaller ones to the bigger ones gets a chance to pose in adabi style when the air struck you at Badshahi Mosque Lahore.


The home-grown Architecture stands tall, reflecting the true spirit of Indo-Islamic architecture with a rich fusion of modern features. The strikingly landscaped courtyard has been planned in the classic “Charbagh” style, which is a Persian-style garden design that can add beauty to your pictures with a touch of the subcontinent. It is surely one of the best places for wedding photography in Lahore which will surely add a royal touch to your wedding album. Not so common, but yet can be practiced if that brings magic to your memories. For photoshoots like these, proper planning is a must and one must know how to play with these architectural backdrops that are an essential part of Mughal photoshoots!

Grand Jamia Masjid , The Best Place for Photography In Lahore


Now people are not only assuming but also looking forward towards announcing destination weddings and that too in their own country. One cannot put aside the chain of ancient monuments located in the heart of Lahore which offers a breathtaking site for wedding couple photoshoot. Voila! A broad canal directed from the waterway to the garden, serving hundreds of fountains, ponds are going to be a ‘road to Damascus’ once you make a decision to wed or plan a shoot here. The garden is hoisted almost lonely upon the riverbank and the lights, brightness of the wedding event will be reflected off the water body which will definitely give an eye-catching moment!

Shalimar Garden , The Best Place For Wedding Photography In Lahore

We hope this inspired you and helped you decide the picturesque location for your wedding photoshoot in Lahore. If you still want more ideas on wedding couple photoshoot, go through inspiration section created by ShadiBox’s team and add something unique to your album.