7 Leading Event Management Companies in Lahore

Planning and arranging any wedding function is never easy, there’s always so much drama, stress, mishaps and hassle involved. Luckily, there are people who are willing to handle all this for us at a nominal fee. Formally known as event organizers or event planners, once hired, they are responsible for all planning, organizing and executing of your event so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding day. The only decision you’ll have to make in this case is which event manager to hire? Who is capable and dependable enough to handle your event? Fortunately, ShadiBox has got you sorted for that final decision as well. We have chosen the 7 best event management companies in Lahore so you don’t have to take risks when it comes to picking a planner for your wedding.

1. Peppermint Events

Comprising of a team of dedicated and talented individuals, Peppermint Events is known for their out of the box thinking and creative decor. They are known as one of the best event organizers in Lahore and definitely live up to their reputation. Peppermint events is number one on our list of best wedding planners in Lahore.

best event management companies in Lahore

2. Tulips Event Management

When talking about event organizers in Pakistan, Tulips Event Management are always on everyone’s list. With their classy and graceful style and committed work force, their weddings are some of the best events in the city!

Best event organizer in Lahore

3. Mubarak Ho – Premium Event Planners

Ranked third on our list of best event management companies in Lahore is Mubarak Ho – Event Planners. They offer affordable wedding planning packages as compared to others and guide you in every step of your wedding planning, keeping you involved in the entire process. Their friendly team and pleasant nature makes them one of the best wedding planners in Lahore.

best wedding planner in Lahore

4. Lumineux Event Management

Lumieux Event Management have gained quite a reputation over the years for being one of the best wedding planners in Lahore. They are known for planning functions in short times and executing them perfectly, so if you’re short on time and looking for an event planner look no further, Lumineux Event Management are what you are looking for!

Top event management company of Lahore

5. Nadeems Event Management

With their large scale operations involving their own Catering, lighting, decor as well as their own wedding venues, Nadeems Event Management offers you the breadth of choices and some of the most reasonable packages. Their team consists of a large number of people, all dedicated towards making your event run smoothly, making them one of the best event management companies in Lahore.

Leading event management company in Lahore

6. A2Z Event Solutions

You have probably heard this name a lot when it comes to event organizers in Pakistan. A2Z Event Solutions is, as their name suggests, the solution to all your wedding planning woes. Their years of experience and hard work has brought them to the top in the event management industry.

Excellent event organizer in Lahore

7. House of Shazia Cheema

Last, but most definitely not the least, House of Shazia Cheema is one of the most renowned names in the event management industry. Although a bit expensive their work is worth every penny spent and speaks for itself. Due to the price factor, they are ranked number 7 in our list of best event management companies in Lahore.

The best event management company for wedding

And that is our list for the 7 leading event management companies in Lahore, once again, our team at ShadiBox hopes this was useful to you and helps make your decision making process all the more convenient!