Top Pakistani and Indian Songs In Support Of Your Mehendi Performances!

The 21st century Pakistani wedding accompanied by the Mehendi ceremony cannot be spooned too barren and dry. Everyone knows that all of us shakes a leg or two on Bollywood beats, and luckily Pakistani cinema also has managed to up its game as well. A couple dance, group dance and ‘bhangra’ is mandatory when we all have a treat of 2017’s hit songs available on the desk. Girls from the bride’s side and boys from the groom’s side can all gear up to give the upbeat Mehendi performances of the year! Here is a list of best Pakistani and Indian dance songs you must try on your upcoming mehndi function.


A perfect Indian dance song that is slightly old but still has made a mark for itself especially for Mehndi and many of us would like to groove on the beats of gal mitthi mitthi bol.

Best Bollywood Dance song for Mehndi


Baadshah should be officially declared as the DJ of the century. He knows the jazz, hip hop, country, rock and roll. This Indian dance song is hyper-energetic that can put fire on the floor and even the most hideous person will also pop on the dance floor.

Best Indian Song for Mehndi Dance


This Indian dance song falls into the category of aunties and still engaging everyone to move their bellies and as it is already credited as a ‘PUNJABI SONG’ then one can’t even imagine how Punjabi boys would roll on the floor.

Best Song for Mehndi


This Indian dance song guarantees utmost fun at Pakistani Mehndi. The most demanded music track not only invites the couple for foot tapping but also couple’s friends and closed ones to match the steps. A professional choreography is required beforehand in order to coordinate well.

Mehndi Dance Songs from Bollywood


A recent song from coke studio and can be performed with bhangra as well encircling the bride- to- be and the groom- to- be which makes epic fun.

Best Pakistani Dance Songs for Wedding


The newest dance song on the block- a high tempo with killer beats. It’s a remake and can match the new version of your dance craziness.

Indian Music for Dance in Pakistani Mehndi


The energy of this Pakistani song and also with a remake is enough to bring dazzling dance performances to light on your Mehndi function. It’s a party cracker! I don’t think any menhndi performance should miss this!

Pakistani Dance Song for Mehndi Function