Types of dances that you can perform at your mehndi to make it super fun

Mehndi ceremony is all about dances and having fun before the wedding day. To make your mehndi an extravagant event you need to make sure that you have everything prepared beforehand. Dances are the heart and soul of any pre-wedding or wedding celebrations. These should be perfect and well choreographed. To bring out variations in the dance performances we have made a list of types of dances that you need to incorporate in the mehndi ceremony especially the ultimate dance-off between Groom’s and Bride’s side of the family.

Solo dances

These solo dances are for bride and groom as it is the best way for both of them to show their emotions and love for each other individually. You can make a playlist Indian wedding songs for solo dances to show your moves and emotions.

Group dance

Call all your male and female cousins and make a big group and perform at your mehndi. These group dances will take your mehndi to another level. Make a list of Indian wedding songs that are best for group dances and perform.


No mehndi ceremony is complete without a traditional bhangra! Make sure you also rehearse on a bhangra song before mehndi ceremony.

Family dance

Mehndi dance performances are not limited to youngsters. Include your Chacha, Mamu, Taya or other members of the family in these dance performances as the best way to get them on their feet is to add Indian wedding songs from the 90s into your playlist.

The bride and her brother

This is a must to have dance performance pick a song that fits best to your relationship with each other and dance your hearts out!

Team Groom vs Team Bride

Coordinate with team groom/bride and prepare a dance face off. Certainly, it is the best way to end your mehndi where no one will lose, everyone will be a winner!

Include all of these types of dance performances at your mehndi and make it super fun and exciting. For more information, you can comment below.