If you’re anything like us, you are marking your calendar to when winter chills will finally be here and you can bust out those lattes and sweaters to take all advantages of winter weddings. You can finally go out now without sweating through everything!

no sweat on winter wedding

And when you’re actually going out of your safe haven (read: pillow fort) its probably for something super important. Like getting married.

So here’s some top benefits of winter weddings that will let you know why weddings in winter are the best and you must consider them before planning your wedding.

1. The sun’s on your side: its finally possible to stay out all day ladies, from trips to the tailor to the errands that come with organizing a wedding. Its a lot easier now, you can get out of that pillow fort.

2. Its actually cheaper- during the time period of December to February, weddings become cheaper. Yeah, the heating bill will be high. But there are a lot more advantages that can help save some cash to be utilized elsewhere. Halls, marquees, etc.


3. Daylight photoshoot? Worrying about how on Earth you were going to get your dream Instagram feed with the sweltering heat? Problem solved. The winter sunlight is actually the perfect companion to a very natural photoshoot- just what you need to capture your special day.

winter wedding photography

4. FOODIES ASSEMBLE– there is nothing, I repeat nothing, better than a warm fullfilling meal while its cold outside. Even non-foodies (that extremely rare species) love it. And in winter, it can cozy you up right away.

winter wedding meals

5. 1000 tons of makeup, 20000 tons of your Lehanga: no longer a problem either. The best reason to love a winter wedding  is sweat-free wearing of heavy stuff; we just can feel the comfort in the air and since its probably a once-in-a-lifetime thing, you want it to not have sweating ruin your (very much needed) perfect day.

6. Seasons Greetings: especially for old school people, the entire ambiance and the mood that comes with winter is the most romantic time of the year, and the perfect backdrop for your big day. This is something you can really use- seasonal decor, seasonal lighting, a seasonal menu!

Plus, the GoT fans can say “Winter is Coming” each time as the day approaches. Everyone wins.