The World’s Longest Honeymoon That Lasts Long Till 5 Years

The most exciting part of weddings comes when bride and groom have to plan their most awaited honeymoon. A trip with your spouse shortly after your wedding usually last for a weak or a month. In this world full of wonders and surprises we came to know about a couple that spent five years on their honeymoon. Shocking enough no? Anne and Mike Howard shared their experience of World’s Longest Honeymoon with Daily Mail. This couple went off for their honeymoon in 2012 and after visiting around 50 countries they came back in 2016.

anne and mike

Now the question is how did they manage to travel that much longer? In 2011, they bought a home in New York and rented out before they took off for their most desired honeymoon. During their travel, they afforded their expenses through their travel Blog In an interview, Mike described that they saved a lot before their journey and also when they were travelling they saved each and every day. They have also shared some tips and tricks that will help you to save money. If you are planning to go on a world’s longest honeymoon like this couple then you can use these tips and tricks. After all, it is the desire of every newly wedded couple to travel around the world.

Start saving long before your travel

Every person has a desire of travelling and exploring new places around the globe but to fulfil this desire you need a handsome amount of money. This couple has advised that if you are planning a long journey start saving now as much as you can. For them, it is not about living cheaply as possible but it is about living large as possible and this can only be achieved by saving money.

Anne and Mike

Avoid Pre-hotel Bookings

Anne and Mike

It is an assumption that booking hotels before traveling is good but if you are deciding to stay for a longer time period then this is not the best option for you. To save money, book an accommodation that is cheap in price for only one or two days and after reaching your destination look for a guest house and guess what? you can even find a free guest house to live in because people love and respect their cultural values so much that they try to be best hosts.

Longer Stays Help in Money Savings


According to Anne and Mike, it hardly takes one week to get the familiarity with the place. So the more you will adapt yourself to the surroundings the more you will be able to live without spending much of your money.

Intriguing much? then what are you waiting for? Plan your trip and visit all the countries/places that you have always wanted to explore.