Yummilicious wedding desert ideas that are trending in 2018

While planning your wedding you should know what is in and out because trends do not last for a long time. there is a long list of wedding trends but the one we are going to talk about are unique in all aspects. It is the time that you change the tradition of including “halwas or other sweet dishes” in the wedding menu.

Here is the list of wedding deserts that you can ask your wedding caterer to make.

Crepe wedding cake

Forget traditional wedding cakes and try these crepe wedding cakes for your wedding. Order best crepe cake in Pakistan online through Shadibox because only a good baker can make good crepe wedding cakes.


Cupcakes and pies are always everyone’s favorite. Make your guests happy by including these unconventional deserts!

Cotton candies

cotton candy as wedding dessert

Who does not love the cotton candies? You can have cotton candies as well or you can also place a counter, from where your guests can have freshly made candies.


Macarons for a wedding

Macarons are the favorites of all! You can ask your caterer to include this one particular dessert to your wedding menu. To add little more uniqueness you can also personalize these macarons.

Try these new trendy desserts for your wedding and surprise your guests with these unconventional retreats. You can book the best wedding caterers in Pakistan through Shadibox at reasonable rates.