By now we are all wondering if its time to take Zaid Ali T seriously or be a bit more clever than that?

On the 19th of August Zaid tweeted about his Nikaah taking place. Which literally came out of no where. There was no buzz leading up to such an announcement and it had us all shook.

Skocking news of Zaid Ali wedding

But how can we be sure? Lets date back to when Zaid played a practical joke on us and had us all confused. Where randomly out of nowhere he announced that he had gotten engaged and had proof in picture form:

Zaid Ali wedding joke

It was extremely believable and many fell victim to his joke. However what leaves us all in confusion and in doubt is this very event. What are the chances that he will play the same practical joke all over again? isn’t that a bit old school? So we are hoping its for real this time.

Zaid Ali Nikkah Pics

This triggered people to give all kinds of reactions, some congratulated him and asked for the brides picture:

While others decided not to believe him until they are very sure and took it in good humor:

We can not wait to find out the official news ourselves but we will surely keep you posted on any kind of updates.